Meet the FETCH Junk Removal Crew

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Owner/Operator, FETCH Junk Removal

Hello From FETCH.

FETCH is a friends-and-family style business, all organically born and raised in San Diego. There is a whole slew of us crazy San Diegan’s – Daniel, Steve, Casondra, Kyle, Carter, Fletcher, Hudson. We are all unique in our own ways, some of us loving surfing and sailing, and some of us enjoying fishing and mountain biking, [and one who loves her gardening]. …but us FETCH’ers all have one commonality:

“We LOVE San Diego!”

We hope to meet you soon on a FETCH Call!

The FETCH Crew

Hello from the FETCH Junk Removal Crew in San Diego!

Meet Daniel, Steve, Casondra, Kyle, Carter, Fletcher, Hudson. 

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How Does San Diego Junk Removal Work?

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STEP 1 - Contact Us

Get in touch by calling or texting 619-333-8447 or using our Book Now feature to schedule online.

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STEP 2 - Get a Quote

With a few photos texted to us, we can give you a quick quote that we will stand behind.

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Step 3 - Schedule The Services

Set up the date and time for the junk removal. We’ll even send you a text when we’re on our way.

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Step 4 - Arrive & Remove

Our strong FETCH'ers will gather and remove your unwanted items. And, before we go, we’ll even sweep up loose debris!